Lorex LW241

Lorex LW241 Baby Monitor Review

Monitor everything that is happening to your family with the Lorex LW241 Live Sense Wireless Video Home Monitor.

This is a superb device for people who have a very busy household as managing and monitoring them can be easier with wireless video recording. In addition, it also is a great companion for taking care of your toddlers as it also has built-in temperature sensor, timer, and remote lullabies.

Features Of Lorex LW-241 Home Monitor

Lorex LW241 wireless home video monitor is filled with features that every household will greatly benefit from. Its design is very compact and portable, just perfect for home set ups.

This device records video and audio wirelessly which provides complete monitoring to your whole household. It also comes in comfort and safety features (temperature sensor, timer, and remote lullabies) for added care to your little ones or sick family member. Once the temperature goes down or up, it will immediately set on alarm to alert you.

It records video on the included microSD, which you can easily transfer to your computer for back up, or share it to your friends and family online. Lorex LW 241 lets you view whatever is happening to your house with its remote viewing feature via Skype.

Not only does it record video, it also made communication faster and clearer in a distance. You can also talk and hear whatever is happening to the other side of the video. The audio quality is excellent so messages are delivered clearly.

If you will decide that you need a bit more advanced system, should you check out the Lorex LW2702

Product Package Contents

When purchasing Lorex LW241, you will get 1 Wireless camera, 1 Wireless LCD monitor-receiver, 1 Monitor charging cradle, 2 Power adapters, 1 1GB microSD memory card, 1 USB cable, 1 Driver CD (Windows®7/Vista/XP SP3 only), 1-Year Limited Warranty, and Toll-free technical support (with product registration).

This wireless home video monitor is being retailed online for around $200

How Does This Product Fare In Customer Reviews?

Lorex LW241 received positive feedback from its users. They like that the set up is easy and simple, so they don’t need to call professionals just to install this device. It also provides a great image, so video quality is at par with more expensive models. Many also noted that the night vision is great. Parents also enjoyed the talk feature as they can have a mini conversation with their little ones where ever they may be.

Overall, many users are satisfied with this device.



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